Posted by: Sarah | September 2, 2005

still feels all whirlwindy

I went out this morning to pick up stuff to take to the Red Cross trucks that are going out each night, and waited for ages at the WalMart, but they never showed. Then I remembered the University was collecting donations and stopped by campus…there’s the Red Cross truck! They’ve filled one truck and hope to have the second one filled tonight and will send them down to the Coast. I gave them diapers, wipes, peanut butter, snacks, canned goods, water, can openers, you name it.

Because the credit card base of systems in Jackson (I think?) are still out, you can’t use a debit card at WalMart anymore and can only charge up to $99 on a credit card. I had way over $99 worth of purchases, but the cashier was really sweet and we broke up my payment among two credit cards instead. There’s yet another way we’re affected by the storm.

Poor Rebecca is sick as a dog, and so we’re on our own for the weekend (sickie + low WBC on me = aieeee!!) starting now, but at least she’s been hearing good news from her family in Ocean Springs. Nancy’s husband just got the call to drive a bus of evacuees out of the storm area. He was told he’d be going first to Lafayette, LA, to pick up people and take them to Houston. The bus company asked him to bring a loaded gun.


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