Posted by: Sarah | September 7, 2005

Quick Check-in

The nurse practictioner at the oncologist’s thinks that my swollen arm (which has since stopped swelling all crazy) was due either to a localized infection at the injection site or maybe they hit a blood vessel in my arm with the last injection of Leukine. Either way, it was nothing that’ll send me to the hospital. The great news from today’s appointment is that my WBC count bounced right back, as well as my potassium and magnesium levels, and we are all set to have Round #6 (a/k/a THE FINAL ROUND) one week from today.

The bad news is that I threw up at the doctor’s office and spent the afternoon having rehydrating fluids through an IV drip. The throwing up is getting to be an unpleasant habit, but WHY I’m throwing up is still a mystery (considering all my blood results looked great and my blood pressure seemed good–and that this all keeps happening weeks after a round of chemo).


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