Posted by: Sarah | September 9, 2005

Stupid Headaches

Another stinkin’ migraine! Can you believe it? This one isn’t a full-blown migraine, but more of a low-grade headache.

Last night, I checked out my personal pharmacy to see if I’m running low on any of my prescriptions. I wanted to be ready before chemo. I’m low on two of my Must-Have post-chemo prescriptions, so I called in refills. This morning, the pharmacy called to say that insurance was rejecting one of the prescriptions as it’s too expensive. This is the same prescription that, back in June, insurance told us would run $750, but Susan our fabulous pharmacist found a way for it to be around $30 instead. I only NEED four days’ worth of this prescription, so we’re waiting to hear back from the pharmacy to see if insurance will approve four days’ worth of pills instead of the full Rx. Fingers crossed…


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