Posted by: Sarah | September 13, 2005

Final Chemo! (Round #6)

Final chemo is done! It took forever (we only got home a little before 5) and was very quiet. I am glad I put new songs on the iPod because for once it was so not-busy that I didn’t feel guilty putting on earphones to listen to music.

Oncologist says–other than my neulasta shots tomorrow and procrit next week (or whatever the order is–I never can remember)–that I won’t see him again for three months. That will begin the Surveillance Phase, which hopefully will last for, oh, 50 or so years! Initially, I’ll have CT/CAT scans every three months and then meet with the oncologist, but at some point (I’m a little hazy on when), we’ll transition to visits every six months and then every year. But he was sure to point out “you never stop seeing your oncologist!”

I didn’t feel great for much of chemo. I was very restless. I went through my whole Chemo bag for entertainment–Tetris kept me going for half an hour, the new issue of Redbook another 45 minutes, an impossible-to-understand (for chemo brains) logic puzzle only made it about 20 minutes, the iPod was about an hour or so, and I slept the rest of the time. Oh, and took photos.

Tom took this of me when he brought me a Dr. Pepper and some waffle fries from Back Yard Burger (the Carb Obsession continues). I’m in my chemo recliner and have just woken up.Image hosted by

Me in the bathroom with my friend the IV pole (who follows me everywhere I go, much like Mary’s Little Lamb).

Closeup on my port (in use), necklace made by my friend Carrie, and a pink ribbon charm bracelet one of my oncology nurses gave me.

And now we are home and I feel okay, but not hungry at all. I hope this isn’t a bad weekend.

OH! And I realized this afternoon that I was diagnosed on March 14 and have now finished chemo, exactly six months later, on September 14.


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