Posted by: Sarah | September 13, 2005

Hilarious Fun

The MRI was a riot. By that I mean that I had the MRI to find the cause of my headaches, and yet the MRI was the most insanely noisy thing EVER so it caused a headache! It was like sitting inside a giant engine, with foghorns blaring, and a bass guitar thrumming. And it went on for ages! 15 minutes and then they injected contrast and then another 10 minutes. I almost got a case of the giggles because it was so ridiculously noisy.

Anyhow, the doctor came in and said “The MRI looks good,” which I took to mean no tumor or scary things. Anyhow, we’re going to try Imitrex for the migraines.

But the doctor is so funny…unintentionally. He is like a scatterbrained Mr. Magoo. He is a low-talker who starts talking while opening the door to the examination room, he interrupts himself, drops papers everywhere, and to top it off, I got out to the car and happened to look at the prescription and he’d forgotten to sign it. I’m very glad I looked at it before taking it all the way home from Memphis to my pharmacy to fill it!

I also got the boys some crayons, so we colored a little when I got home. That was nice.

Need I say what happens tomorrow or has everyone seen all the full-page ads I’ve taken out in every newspaper in America proclaiming “Tomorrow is My Last Chemo!”?

Here is a photo of my sparse eyelashes


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