Posted by: Sarah | September 16, 2005

Doin’ okay (post-chemo day 2)

Feeling poorly today (I feel like a character in a book saying that, but it fits how I feel). Not migraine-y, not queasy, but just awfully run-down and tired and achy. The damn Neulasta shot really makes my bones ache, but I suppose that’s good in a way because if my bones weren’t aching, they wouldn’t be working double-time to produce new white blood cells, now would they? (I’m sure that’s flawed science/logic, but go along with me, it makes me feel a little better to think this way)

The Memphis Race for the Cure registration has opened. I’m bitterly disappointed to find out that strollers are not allowed on the course. I so wanted to take the boys with me. I might call the Race people next week and see if strollers are allowed on the “Family Fun Run” — they might like to go on that. The host of their favorite TV show — “Mr. Chuck” — is the chair or whatever of the Family Fun Run. Nancy and I were pleasantly surprised to hear the bit about Mr. Chuck; we’ve been theorizing for months that he’s dead because all the episodes of Mr. Chuck that we’ve seen have dated from the late ’90s.

Tom asked what I wanted for my birthday when I said I don’t want a front door anymore and I truly don’t want anything except for this to be over. I’d sorta like to have my own breasts back, but mostly I want the reconstruction to be over because the expanders have started to hurt a lot lately and I’m told by people who’ve had reconstruction that the implants are far far softer. Anyhow, I think that’s enough feeling sorry for myself. So I’m 34 (or will be in a day and a half) and will forever be a cancer patient…so I’m HERE and I get to spend more time with my husband and my sons because of all this horribleness of the past six months. But truly, it wasn’t that awful. Nothing was a nightmare, except maybe that third round of chemo. Even the surgeries weren’t horrible.

Geez, maybe I should indulge in my meds more often!


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