Posted by: Sarah | September 22, 2005

CARE Walk at Ole Miss

The CARE (Cancer Awareness Research & Eradication) walk was sponsored by a couple of the sororities at the University, and it was mostly sorority girls walking, but we saw one other stroller, and I saw a woman from my support group, and met two other survivors, one of whom had just talked to Janette this morning over at the Red Cross Katrina Resource Center. The boys flirted with everyone and I think a photo of me and the boys will end up on the sorority’s website about the event (they asked our names and everything, anyhow), and maybe in the paper.

I couldn’t do the walk, though. Y’all, I was so tired! I figured the walk would be around the Grove or something easy, but no, it was down Sorority Row, up a little hill, then up a BIG hill, then down Fraternity Row all the way to the football stadium and then back up to the Grove. That is a HELLA hard walk. We gave up at the BIG hill. They had a UPD cruiser leading the walkers and another UPD cruiser driving behind the walkers (because we walked in the road, not on the sidewalks…wait til I post photos of how many people were there). Nancy, the boys and I started out at about the middle of the pack, but steadily kept falling behind, until we were a quarter of the way up the BIG hill, totally dying, and we were the very last walkers. Finally we walked to the side and motioned the UPD officer on. We ended up walking across campus (much shorter distance, and no hills at all) to the finish line, where the aforementioned photo-taking happened. And when I said I finished my chemo a week and a half ago and could I still have a pink water bottle even though I didn’t really finish the walk, they said of course, and gave us pizza and cookies, too. The boys thought the cookies were excellent.

Anyhow, I will have to clock it in my car, but I think it was a 2-mile walk and we maybe did half a mile? I was dying. I was hurting so bad. I am going to seriously have to train for the Race for the Cure next month or else I won’t finish that either and I don’t want this not-finishing bidness to become a trend.

Me and the boys before the walk
Image hosted by

Cutie boys, all dressed up in their pink ribbon onesies (which EVERYONE loved, Emily!)
Image hosted by

We put stickers on the boys’ sleeves that read “I’m walking in honor of MY MOM!”
Image hosted by

An action shot of the boys on the walk
Image hosted by

Lookit all the people!
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I’m still tired, but feeling good.


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