Posted by: Sarah | September 25, 2005

So tired!

The remains of Rita came through this morning and flooded the playroom a little. The carpet is soaked all by the back door. We’ve been trying to clean it up all day long. Am trying not to think about mold.

I scratched my forearm–no idea how–and it has swelled up pretty noticably. I’ve put antibiotic ointment and BandAids on it, but if it’s still swollen tomorrow, I guess I will ask the plastic surgeon for something. I’m going to the oncologist’s on Tuesday anyhow (did I mention that the oncologist called last Wednesday night to say my potassium was low again? And wants me to go in for more bloodwork early this week? well, he did).

Here’s where I stand, right this moment, on the new boobs. I like the size that I am currently, but because I know they like to overinflate (to promote natural sag of the new breasts), I think I would like one more inflation and then the surgery. If the plastic surgeon is cool with this plan, then I might be coming back from Jackson tomorrow with a surgery date!

I am one tired chica. I don’t see me making any progress on the boys’ Halloween costumes tonight.

Here are my little jailbirds


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