Posted by: Sarah | October 3, 2005

Three Things on the Third

  1. Melissa Etheridge was on Oprah last week (anyone see it?) and she made me feel pretty shallow. She kept talking about how her chemo experience was the closest to death she’s ever been and how she did a lot of meditation during chemo and she did a lot of deep thinking and made huge life realizations. Meanwhile, here’s what I did during chemo: “this sucks this sucks this sucks, but it’ll be over in a few days. I think I’ll go to sleep.”
  2. But Melissa’s hair was all stylish and cute. I’m pretty sure she’s had it cut. And that’s from totally bald in February to sassy cut in late September. Maybe I’ll have an equally stylish ‘do come next summer.
  3. In addition to my hair growing, now my nails are growing, too! Good times.

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