Posted by: Sarah | October 5, 2005

Bob Loblaw

Reconstructive surgery has been finalized for Wednesday, November 2. They couldn’t get a room for me on the other date we’d discussed. Fine. I think we might take the boys down to Meridian the day before the surgery and leave them with Tom’s aunt, and then Tom would pick them up and bring them to Jackson the day I get released, and we’d four drive home. Maybe.

Oncologist asked if I’ve been taking my potassium supps. I started to lie, and then realized that’s stupid to lie to him, and told the truth: that I can’t get them down. They are ENORMOUS and not coated and if I can’t get them down the first time, they start flaking off and are just gross. And the pharmacist’s insert says they lose potency if you cut them in half, so that’s not allowed. Anyhoo, the oncologist said that the reason low potassium levels have him concerned is because it can cause heart issues, even up to failure. He said that’s what happened to put Terri Schiavo in the vegetative state in the first place. Okay, that’s scary. I am going to try to get those damn supps down, but he also gave me an Rx for potassium effervescent tablets to try (pharmacist ordered those for me today).

Also: the oncologist scheduled me for a CT/CAT scan (more foul-tasting contrast! Ugh!) and a bone scan in two weeks. And I don’t have another regular oncologist appointment until November. He said I’ve graduated! đŸ™‚


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