Posted by: Sarah | October 7, 2005

One week down…two more years to go

So I’ve made it a week without help with the boys (other than Tom, but does that really count?), and I’m still standing. In some ways, I’m kind of surprised that I’ve survived, that I haven’t burst into tears ONCE, or anything like that (not even when the Sox ended that World Series Repeat dream tonight). But in other ways, I am a bit suspicious that the boys are going easy on me, saving up the big trouble for when I least expect it.

The mornings–or First Shift as we call it here–are still pretty tough and I never remember to take my morning meds until lunchtime now, but it’s tolerable. I have watched more Caillou, Berenstein Bears, and Regis & Kelly (that last one’s for me, not the boys) in the past week than I have in the past six months. But if it starts to feel un-doable, I look at the clock and realize that we’re edging ever closer to their morning naptime, and surely I can make it these last 60/30/10 minutes ’til then. And I always do.

I quickly realized that I cannot spend the entire day in this playroom with the boys (as much as I love and adore them), so we have reinstituted The Daily Outing. It doesn’t matter what the Outing is, it makes the day go by much faster and…BONUS!…tires out the boys. We have gone to the playground, gone for walks in the neighborhood, picked up a gallon of milk, taken stuff to the recycling center, gone to the post office to mail a letter, and visited Daddy at work for no reason at all other than to just get out of the house.

The boys have changed a great deal since I stopped being their primary caregiver last spring, and even though I was physically here, watching Nancy and Rebecca (and even Tom) caring for the boys, it’s still been a bit of a reintroduction of sorts. They walk now, they RUN now, they talk, they laugh, they deliberately do funny things and then laugh with me, they interact with us and with eachother, they self-feed, they drink from sippy cups! But they also throw temper tantrums one minute and yet start giggling and smiling even while tears dry on their cheeks the next minute, they run AWAY from me (in opposite directions), they fight diaper changes/clothing changes/shoe putting-on, they throw food on the floor, they chase the dog until he whines to be let outside and away from them, they refuse to eat or stand up in their high chairs or pull the tray off their high chair or just shriek at me because I dared say “finish your green beans and then you can have a cookie.”

I hope the next two years (’til preschool) go as well as this week has gone.


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