Posted by: Sarah | October 17, 2005


I had to get up early to drink the foul contrast (for my CT/CAT scan this morning), and then after getting to the hospital, discovered that no one had thought to tell me it would take so long for a bone scan. They gave me meds for the bone scan at 8:30 and said “okay, now come back at 11 and we’ll do the test.” Even though we then did the CT/CAT scan, I still had almost two hours to kill waiting on the meds to be absorbed or whatever enough for the bone scan.

Both tests went fine, although it’s boring to lie there as still as possible for half an hour. Had a bit of a scare when the radiologist asked for further chest x-rays after quick glancing at the bone scan…the tech came out after the x-rays and said “we know you have a port, do you have anything else in there that would be picked up on film?” I’d completely forgotten to tell them that I have the expanders in me, and the valves for the expanders were showing up on the bone scan and x-rays and weirding the radiologist out. Hee.

Now we sit around for a few days hoping that the phone doesn’t ring!


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