Posted by: Sarah | December 10, 2005

December 10 Update

I’ve been feeling really great lately. I keep saying that if it wasn’t for the surgical scars and the crazy short hair, I wouldn’t know I was sick this year. The hair is growing back so fast. It’s actually just about long enough that I would feel comfortable not wearing a wig in public. I still wear wigs out of the house, though; it’s warmer that way! The color is not so much white anymore as it is silver. Pretty uniformly silver, too.

I had a checkup with the oncologist this past week. We decided that I won’t need to do a CT/CAT scan again until April–hurray! Maybe now I can find some flavored contrast to buy on the internet or somewhere before the next set of scans. Wink I asked if he thought we should just go ahead and do the other oopharectomy if I’m still in chemopause next spring; he said he really doesn’t feel any particular urgency for me having the other ovary removed THAT soon. And also said that he thinks I’ll come out of chemopause anyhow. It’s just so frustrating not knowing if I’m in permanent menopause or not, though.

Mom is getting ready to do the gene testing to help her decide if she’ll need to do an oopharectomy too or not. Now two family members (me and another close relative) have tested positive for BRCA-1, so I think we’d all be surprised if Mom doesn’t also end up having it.

In News of the Boys, I think we should just go ahead and declare this the Year of Hating Santa. We’ve taken them twice this month to see Santa and it’s all good until they get in his lap. Then the tears commence! They like him well enough on their Christmas DVDs and little toy Santas and things, but I guess something about Santa Up Close and Personal is just too much for them.


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