Posted by: Sarah | January 9, 2006

Happy 2006

Happy 2006

So instead of taking down the Christmas tree now that Epiphany has come and gone, I am posting a quick update instead.

My final cosmetic/reconstructive surgery was nearly two weeks ago, and it went very well. It was the nipple reconstruction. I ended up having to stay overnight in the surgery center due to a number of factors (mainly my surgery being delayed for 8 hours!), so we were VERY lucky that Nancy could stay another night with the boys in Oxford while we were down in Jackson. Thanks again, Nancy!

My plastic surgeon gave me a surprise belated Christmas gift–a near tummy tuck! Normally, nipples are made from skin grafted from the patient’s thigh, but I showed him all the spare twinskin I had left over from my pregnancy (loose, floppy skin) on my belly, and he decided to use that skin instead. He told Tom that he took 3x the skin he normally would use, and that ended up pretty much being a tummy tuck–just not involving the muscle. I was sore for a little longer than I would’ve been if he’d just grafted skin from my thigh, but I am a WHOLE lot happier without the twinskin.

I had a little teeny scare a few days after the surgery, though: I had a weird numb spot on my leg. Tom kept saying he was sure it was nothing, but of course my mind got to working overtime and I spent several days convinced that the cancer was back. The moment I mentioned it to the plastic surgeon, he said “NORMAL!” Apparently sometimes after cosmetic procedures, random numbnesses like this can happen. And the numbness is already going away.

In other news, my hair continues to grow in SILVER. Tom says I look like an elf (the Lord of the Rings kind, not the Keebler kind), but I think it’s more like Anderson Cooper on CNN. I still wear wigs when I leave the house, but the other day I was in a rush and I couldn’t find one, so I just wore a baseball hat and, would you believe no one cared? I mean, no one stopped to laugh and point at me, anyhow.

Hope y’all are remembering to write 2006 on your checks by now. I have the sneaking suspicion that our mortgage check was mailed out dated 2005. Ack.


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