Posted by: Sarah | February 1, 2006

February Update

My recovery from the cosmetic/reconstructive surgery in late December continues to go well. I was looking at the scars last night and could hardly believe how much they’ve faded in the mere month since the surgery took place. My biggest “complaint” about the surgery results is kind of silly…people keep asking if I’m cold, if you catch my drift. Apparently, the new nipples really like to show themselves off!

I wasn’t scheduled for surveillance tests until April of this year, but about a week and a half ago, I started having an achy rib. No big deal for “normal” people, but for someone with cancer in her history, that’s a major source of fear and anxiety about a recurrence. My oncologist’s office was very understanding and kind; they immediately brought me in for bloodwork and a bone scan. I’m happy to report that just this afternoon, all the tests came back clear…no recurrence at this time! The PA at the oncologist’s suspects a muscle strain, especially when I told him that I tote around two 18-month-olds. I’ll happily take a muscle strain, thank you.

Next week is my regularly-scheduled oncologist checkup and my first visit to my OB/GYN since February 2005, which is actually the day after I found the lump.

Tom and the boys are doing well. Tom started a new job today; same sort of thing as he did before, only this time he’ll be managing his own project. The boys are more active than ever (code talk for “less cooperative and more naughty”). Alexander is doing well in speech therapy and Thomas learns a new sign every day, it seems.


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