Posted by: Sarah | February 14, 2006

Valentiney Update

I had a bunch of checkups (run-of-the-mill type ones) last week and they were mostly good news. The worst news I got is really not awful, considering, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow. My OB-GYN thinks that my chemopause (chemo-induced menopause) is permanent. I finished chemo five months ago today and my period still hasn’t returned, and I guess if the OB is right, it never will. My cancer wasn’t the kind that feeds on pregnancy hormones, so we had thought maybe another baby would be possible for us, but not if I’m in permanent menopause. So that’s the sad news.

The good news is that the diagnostic center (where they do my CT/CAT scans; my next one is scheduled for April) finally has flavored contrasts in stock. Yay!


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