Posted by: Sarah | March 8, 2006

One Year.

I am still confused by one thing in Cancer Survivorship: when people are counting from when they say they are a 17-year, 29-year, 58-year survivor. I can’t remember when my mom’s surgery was, just that it was in February 1995, so when February passes, I add another year to her tally.

But I remember all my dates!! I remember the exact date that I found my lump, that I had the lumpectomy, that I got my diagnosis, that I had my bilateral, that I started chemo, that I had my last period, and that I had my last round of chemo.

And TODAY is the first anniversary of my lumpectomy, the day that I actually became cancer-free (we didn’t know it at the time, but the surgeon-we-hate actually did get clean margins and the tumor had not gotten to the lymph nodes).

One year down, only 49 to go ’til I can call myself a 50-year survivor!


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