Posted by: Sarah | May 15, 2006

Ides of May

Y’all would not believe how much my hair is growing. And of course we cannot get over that it’s coming back in CURLY. Curly and out-of-control! And, my favorite bit is that a few weeks ago, I was talking to some other moms in a playgroup we recently joined, and said something about my nutty post-chemo crazy hair, and they were all surprised to hear I’d had chemo and that it was new hair. It took me a little bit to realize that this means that people no longer take a quick look at me and immediately peg me as a cancer patient. I’m VERY excited about this.

In other news, it’s Race for the Cure season again. Several friends have walked or run in their local Races and college roommate Erin will be walking the Avon 3-Day walk in Boston for me again this year, this time with her husband. They’ve raised a ton of money for breast cancer research, and I’m very grateful and appreciative of all of their hard work. Hope it’s a great weekend, Erin and Jon!

Lastly, we received very sad news recently when a good friend lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I spoke of her here just about a year ago when I posted about my anger and sadness over the news of a friend’s recurrence of cancer. She was about my age and was tremendously supportive and helpful to me in the early days of my diagnosis. It is a terrible loss. She was a wonderful person. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, if you would.


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