Posted by: Sarah | June 18, 2006

Fathers’ Day Update

(and Happy Birthday to Mom)

Sorry for the extended radio silence from me. First I was waiting to get news from my mother before posting here, and then when that came in, I discovered I couldn’t get into my account here at (snafu due to spammers trying to flood the site with porn links). Anyhow, that is all cleared up now.

So the news from my mother is that her oopherectomy went very well, and even better news is that the pathology report came back all clear. Not even pre-cancerous stuff going on. PHEW.

So now we can get down to the serious business of Summertime. The boys and I are Roadtripping to New York to visit family, and then later this summer, Tom has a business trip at the beach in Florida and we’re going with him. And, of course, the boys turn 2 in just a matter of weeks (though they already have their Terrible Twos membership cards; they’re getting very skilled with the tantrums). I’ve got a regular checkup with the oncologist coming up the week of their birthday, but other than that, it’s hard to remember how different things were just one year ago.

Father’s Day 2005

Father’s Day 2006

Thomas is waving and Alexander is on Tom’s back

(can’t see my curlytop hair very well there, sorry! I’ll try and get a better photo of it soon)


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