Posted by: Sarah | September 1, 2006

One Year After Chemo

I’ve been so busy I managed to miss updating in August. Tom and I took the boys to Florida (well, truth be told, he had a business trip there and the boys and I piggybacked along on it), where we all had a lovely time swimming and enjoying the incredibly blue water.

Since our return from vacation, we’ve been busy getting ready for SCHOOL! Well, we call it school anyway, but it’s really just two mornings a week at a local Mother’s Morning Out program in town, like a pre-preschool. The boys start the day after Labor Day and we are all hugely excited.

In cancer news, there is none! At least as regards my health. I still have to schedule the oopherectomy, but that will almost certainly be happening this fall, in Jackson, with my fabulous gynecologic oncologist there.

Meanwhile, I am growing hair like mad (no, really, REALLY, it’s unbelieveable) and have just registered to run in the Tupelo Race for the Cure…yes, you read that right: RUN. I have never run anything ever in my life other than those awful run-around-the-field-twelve-times things in gym class in high school, and this is going to be a major challenge for me. However, I was unable to so much as walk in last year’s Race for the Cure as I was still so weak from chemo, and I feel very strongly that I Need to do this, that this is a personal challenge, in my debut as a Survivor Racer. I’m very excited. The Race (a 5K) will be the last Saturday in October in Tupelo.

p.s. I am doing fundraising as part of my Race entry. Please click here and find my name to contribute to my Race. It shouldn’t be hard to find my name; right now I am listed as the #1 fundraiser on the site!


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