Posted by: Sarah | January 26, 2007

It’s 2007 and All Is Well

First update of 2007, with a few little newsy items.

First, to everyone’s total surprise (and not a little shock), I came out of chemo-induced menopause at the end of December 2006. Yes, just two and a half weeks before my scheduled oopherectomy/partial hysterectomy. We spent the intervening weeks deliberating and pondering and hoping we’d wake up one morning knowing if it was Meet and Right to go ahead with the surgery as scheduled or if we should try for a third child; it was quite an emotional time.

In the end, I felt Mostly Sure that it was time for the surgery. Thus, on January 15, my nice OB here in Oxford did the honors and performed what I hope to be my Final Cancer-Related Surgery EVER. Within 24 hours, he was able to tell me that the surgery was a success, that pathology came back clean on everything he took out, and that I had such crazy scar tissue In There that he seriously doubted I would have ever been able to have another child. I surprised myself by not being crushed by the last bit of news; rather, I felt it was an affirmation that the Right Decision Had Been Made.

Now I am recovering from the surgery (although the OB was able to do the surgery laprascopically, things still hurt!) and looking forward to our busy 2007 we have coming up.

Finally, a little housekeeping note: the time has come to stop imposing upon my kind friends Mickey and Kelly who have hosted this website for the past nearly two years. I’m working on some new digs and hope to transition the site to a more traditional blog format (still with phenway in the title, and typing should still find me) in the following weeks. Hopefully, the transition can be fast and painless!


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