Posted by: Sarah | May 17, 2007


Last month, Tom and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We went to Hawaii, without the children, and on the actual anniversary, we hiked Diamond Head at daybreak.

Also noteworthy is that I had my usual quarterly checkup at the oncologist’s just this week, with monitoring CT/CAT scan and bloodwork and all that, and…the doctor says it’s time to graduate to the next level of monitoring (every six months). I don’t go back for another checkup until shortly before Halloween. This is both exciting and scary.

Finally, I hope to be posting another “graduation” post in about a year and a half, only one about the more traditional kind. I’ve turned in my application for nursing school (LPN to begin with) and take the entrance exam in early July; I will know by the end of the summer if I’ve gotten in or not. Fingers crossed! I hear there’s math involved in nursing… (wink)



  1. Hey there stranger!! I thought I’d see how you were doing! Boy was I happy to see a beautiful photo of you and Tom in Hawaii at the top of the page – CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years of marriage, a battle won, and a beautiful life ahead of you. Pop over to ovusoft if you get a chance!
    Lots of love, Leigh (leanna59)

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