Posted by: Sarah | July 16, 2007

Kind of Big News

The boys turned three last week, which is very hard to believe, and that same day, I was accepted into nursing school, which is exciting but scary at the same time.

There’s a bunch of details to be worked out (mainly, oh, just tuition expenses and arranging childcare), but if/when they do get worked out, I’ll be starting the LPN program in late August. It’s a three-semester program, and at the end of it, I’ll be eligible to sit for the licensing exam and then start working as a nurse (“just” an LPN, not an RN, but still a NURSE), most likely (at this point) in my oncologist’s office.

Yay me!



  1. Hi Phenway,

    Most likely you don’t remember me but I used to religiously read your threads at the old weddingchannel boards. I’ve followed your infertility struggles and subsequent health concerns.

    Bless your heart for being the lovely person that you are. And congrats on the boys’ birthdays and on your wonderful honeymoon trip with Tom.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Your fellow class officer here–so glad to hear you are doing SO WELL, and congrats on the new chapter of life in nursing school.

    Hope we’ll get to see you in the fall at Wheaton.
    And great to see you on WordPress!

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