Posted by: Sarah | August 11, 2007


Aside from running after raising the boys and working on my etsy shop, I’ve got two things going on that aren’t related at first glance, but yeah, really, they are connected.


Although I last posted that I was accepted into nursing school, since that post, I’ve had to defer starting classes for a year. There’s that whole “oh wait, the boys aren’t in preschool yet and won’t be until the fall of ’08, so who will watch them in the meantime, and for free?” issue, really. Not a biggie, though; I’m still going to go to nursing school and I’ll still be a nurse, just a year later than I thought I would. That’s nothing.


I don’t believe I ever mentioned that I have re-joined the wonderful shiny world of Orthodontia. In March, they put clear braces on my upper teeth to correct some little stuff with my smile that’s bothered me for a long time (mainly the gap between my two front teeth). I have to say, the whole experience is markedly different from when I was 12, maybe because now I don’t think a Water Pik is stupid? Anyhow, it’s been a total breeze and at my last orthodontist visit in July, they did double-takes when I walked in because the teeth had apparently been crazybusy moving. They’re now talking about being able to take the braces off in the fall, rather than the previous vague (and annoying) “oh, sometime…we’ll know better in a few months.”

The Connection

Now, you might wonder, how are these two things related? Well, if you think about it, they’re both ways that I’m showing cancer who’s boss around here. Making long-term plans for the future (a nursing degree and career, and a gap-free smile) aren’t things that come easily to cancer patients and I’m excited about that. It’s been a while since I have NOT taken the cancer into consideration right off the bat, and that’s a nice feeling.



  1. That’s fantastic!

    And I checked out your Etsy shop, and love it! I need to make some purchases for my vehicle-loving fellows!

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