Posted by: Sarah | October 19, 2007

I Have Returned!

As promised, I’m back again…THIS MONTH AND EVERYTHING…to post again.

First, here’s a photo of the current State of the Hair.  We took this, courtesy the super-fabulous camera remote you can see in Thomas’ hand, just this morning.  We are all wearing our Red Sox shirts in celebration of the Sox not getting eliminated from the ALCS last night.  I am a little ‘stitious* and noticed that whenever we wore our Red Sox things the day of a game, Very Bad Things happened to the Sox.  So instead, I held off on any Sox-wear until an off-day.  Tricky, no?

Anyhoodles, you’ll also notice in the photo that I’m sporting that delightful non-smile due to braces.  I’ve had the things on since March and still haven’t worked out how to smile so that I don’t look like a migraine is coming on.  (oh and the latest on the braces is that I’ve got at least another month of them).

In other news, I had a buncha tests (bone scan, bone density scan, fun whatnot like that) done at the end of September, beginning of October and we’re all still NED (No Evidence of Disease), so that’s great, but they’ve also found that the anti-osteoporosis meds that Sally Field shills have not been doing their job.  In other words, my bone density has not improved in the year that I’ve been on the Boniva junk.  So they are switching me to a twice-a-year IV anti-osteo med, starting next week.  I’m pretty happy about it, despite being a Boniva Failure, for two reasons:  1) for one Boniva pill once a month? they get $30. For one pill.  2) the 20 minutes it’ll take for the IV med to be given means I will have enough peace and quiet to finish nearly two Sudoku puzzles.

And, lastly, Mom is coming here for Christmas this year, which we are all very excited about.  My stepdad, Ray (Meg’s father) passed away last month, peacefully.  We didn’t want her being all lonely for Christmas out in Arizona, but due to our strong suspicions that flying with our boys on a commercial aircraft might get us booted off said commercial aircraft, she is coming to us instead of us going to Arizona to be with her.  It’ll be a Nana-tastic Christmas!

* thank you, Michael Scott of Dunder-Mifflin 


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