Posted by: Sarah | November 6, 2007

Dem Bones

I have found a plus to having osteoporosis in your 30s:  your doctor will “prescribe” you to join a gym*!  And maybe even the gym membership will be covered by the flexible medical expenses plan (as it’s a medical necessity).

On the other hand, this means I have no more excuses.  I finally found a gym with a childcare center (why did every other place in town look at me as if I had three heads whenever I asked about childcare? I cannot be the only one in town who needs childcare to go to the stupid gym.  In fact, I know I’m not. But I digress.) and I like the yoga classes and I have a cutie running skirt that is actually pretty awesome to run on the treadmill in, buuuut….getting out the door every other day or so is going to be the rough part.

Please note that the doctor agreed last week to write the note and I still haven’t gone down to the gym to join up.  Hopefully I will manage that before Thanksgiving.

In other news, the Red Sox won the World Series again (!!) and therefore I am pretty insufferable to be around at the moment, what with all the celebratory hollerin’ and cheering and singing I’m doing.

* because weight-bearing exercise helps strengthen bones, which even science-type folks agree on, so quit asking me why it would help, Tom, and just accept it!!



  1. Hey Sarah,
    Was going through some old wedding things and found your name…google brought me here! I’m not sure if you will remember me, but we chatted back in the knot message board days. Your story and strength has been amazing to read and your boys are adorable….

  2. Sarah,
    SO good to hear from you! Yep, living in Ashburn for the past 3 years. Thanks for your compliment about Alexa. She truly is the best and I’m sure you know how that goes 🙂

    Keep in touch! Do you ever come back up to DC? My fiance and I always chat about moving out of this area, but our jobs seem to keep us here!

  3. Hey, Sarah–

    I came a’searching for you. Someone (not TT) in ovuland was asking how you were doing, and I was curious too :-). Your boys are adorable. Nice to see you thriving! Stop in and say hi at TT if you get a chance.


  4. Of COURSE you need childcare at a gym, why else would you go to one! When I need a break I head out the door with them to the gym!

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