Posted by: Sarah | January 20, 2008

Does Contrast Expire?

I got into a major cleaning fit this weekend. I was cleaning out the fridge when, at the back, I found a bottle of the God-Awful contrast you drink before a CAT/CT scan.  Check it out, lurking in the shadows like it’s about to pop out and mug you.

Actually, at my cruel Cancer Diagnostic Center, they make you drink a whole bottle and then a third of a second bottle. And they never ever have the mythical “flavored” contrast, which is rumored to be far more palatable than this junk.No, wait, I did once have some flavored contrast. It was something like Bouncy Bananas and it was still fairly horrific-tasting. The good news there was that, for some reason, the Bouncy Bananas flavor came in one little 6 oz. container (compared to the seemingly enormous VAT of unflavored contrast) and they only make you drink one. Huh.

Returning to the fridge portion of my story, however, I should note that I nearly threw out the contrast in a fit of pie-in-the-sky optimism (both “they’ll surely have flavored contrast in stock the next time I need a CT/CAT scan!” and “that is, IF I ever need a CT/CAT scan again!” [i will, surely, at least to check]). Then I didn’t because I have a hard time parting with the lid to the container of peanuts, let alone a bottle of perfectly-chilled contrast.

Back to the original question.  Apparently, contrast does expire and the one in my fridge will expire in November of this year. But at least the bottle is recyclable, so it’s got that going for it.


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