Posted by: Sarah | February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

It’s been a chilly February and the boys and I are getting a little stir-crazy. But we still managed to have a handful of noteworthy events as we near the end of First Quarter ’08:

  • the boys started up with swimming lessons at the University (they couldn’t do it for the fall semester because of Alexander’s broken collarbone. Did I mention he broke his collarbone last September? He did. So he’s our first broken bone of the twins; a month later, Thomas fell and cut his scalp open on an exposed door hinge and needed stitches. Urgent Care was plenty tired of seeing us last fall, I tell you). They LOVE “fimmin’ lessons.” I don’t love the fact that the University pool got a leak and has been closed for the past week, though. Grrr.
  • Tom’s Volvo had been starting to get cranky and it was getting increasingly annoying that no mechanics in our small town were willing to try to work on a scary Foreign Car like the Volvo. Long story short (too late!), we found a lovely Toyota Highlander that was previously owned by the matriarch of one of the local grocery stores. The boys keep asking to go for rides in Daddy’s new car.
  • I registered the boys for pre-K starting in the fall. It’s not 100% that they’ll be going yet, but I was 14th in line (and there’s some 90-odd spaces for kids, apparently), so i thiiiink we have a good shot at it. It’s going to be so fantastic: 8:45 ’til just after lunch, Monday through Friday, and they’ll ride the bus! I’m a little worried about how they’ll do on the bus, but the pre-K teachers say that only pre-K kids ride on this bus, and the teachers ride with them, too. Nonetheless, my boys finally getting to ride a school bus? Their heads might just explode from the excitement.
  • my braces came off (on purpose)! Yep, I’m free!!

Side note: can you BELIEVE how much my hair has grown?? I’m almost ready for my third haircut since finishing chemo in September 20065.

And while I’m posting photos, I got to roaming around my Flickr account and found this photo from the last leap year (in 2004). I was 18 weeks pregnant with the boys (the bruises on the belly are from the 2x daily heparin shots I had to do to stay pregnant). I went nearly another 20 weeks before we finally met the boys.

And then there’s these from Leap Year 2007. My boys took leap year literally and spent a lot of the day leaping!

Please excuse the Buzz Lightyear underpants; Alexander apparently was observing No Pants Friday in addition to Leap Year.


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