Posted by: Sarah | December 7, 2008

A Trend We Like

No news continues to be good news for us over here, at least with regards to my health.  The checkup scans and whatnot that I had in late October came back all clear, all NED (No Evidence of Disease).  That’s good stuff!

One of these days, I have got to sit down and figure out if I can/should start working on prerequisite classwork for nursing school.  While it’s fabulous coming to Raleigh-Durham where the nursing school options are rather plentiful (certainly plentiful in comparison to Oxford’s!), it does present a new problem:  namely, WAIT LISTS.  It seems that there’s a good two-three years’ worth of folks on the wait lists at the area nursing schools, but you can’t even apply ’til you’ve done your prereqs.  Add to that that I’m not considered eligible for in-state tuition until midway through the Fall 2009 semester and it presents a bit of a puzzle regarding where and when to start the ball rolling on Nursing School in NC.  Never fear, though, I love me some logic puzzles, so I’ll figure it out soon enough, I’m sure.



  1. Sarah, surely you news you can post(?) Been waiting to read about you and your family since December 🙂

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